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No prior database marketing or html background required! 


FanOne Marketing's user-friendly solution gives you the ability to create more personal relationships with your fan base, communicating with them in a true one-to-one fashion -- be it print, email, mobile, social media sites or personalized landing pages. Your messages are customized with information that your individual fan has told you they want. Our technology provides marketing automation to help deliver the right message at the right time to your best prospects and customers. You can trigger customized messages based on prospect demographics or behavior changes that are tracked within the database itself.

quotes_poc.pngFanOne Marketing takes a "SaaS" (software-as-a-service) approach to everything we do, providing powerful web-based platforms that virtually eliminate the need for IT to support and maintain hardware or software. That leaves marketers free to concentrate on what matters most:
their customers.


FanOne Marketing's digital solution empowers:

Data Integration & Centralized Storage - Think of it as a "one-stop data shop" for ticketing, marketing, and sales information -- no more cross-referencing multiple databases. Integrate with almost any CRM system or sales automation platform.

Multi-Channel Marketing Automation - Create automated tactical marketing responses which include digital and print outreach to online behavior.

Advanced Segmentation & List Handling - Comprehensive list importing, segmentation, and management. 

Activity-Driven Content - True one-to-one messaging begins by knowing where your fans are spending their online time, then messaging appropriately.

Subscription Management - Subscription management enables personalization and ensures fans receive only the communications they want.

Behavior-Based Campaigns - Trigger automated communications based on a fan's previous interest, event attended, or relevant campaign activity.

Mobile Marketing - Today's fans are increasingly mobile -- alert them with targeted mobile marketing campaigns.

Social Media Integration - Cross-the-channel and communicate with your fans via Twitter and Facebook. Hold contests and collect valuable fan information and preferences. Ensure all social media fans are part of your organization's database.

PURLS - Personalized URLs (PURLs) and hypersites can help you provide exactly the right content to each fan -- increasing conversion and improving response.

Forms and Contests - Allow fans to link, connect, and subscribe directly to your organization from print or online media. Form and contest links can be placed almost anywhere and will greatly increase your customer database.

Best-of-Breed Email Marketing and Deliverability Testing - Today's email clients are increasingly sophisticated. We'll make sure your messages reach the recipient's Inbox... and not junk mail or spam filters.

Real-Time Campaign Testing - Trial split runs and A/B tests to learn how to maximize email opens and click-throughs.

Website Analytics - Customers tell a story every time they visit your website, from entry/exit pages to dwell time, link usage, and downloads. Use that data to continually refine your sites -- or even provide real-time alerts for your sales team.

Campaign Reporting - Providing MatchBack ROI results, data detailing open rates, click through, forwards, ticket sales, revenue, and campaign return.

Our digital fan marketing solution takes your organization beyond just email. Rather than blasting your customer database with generic email and limited personalization, such as name and account info, we help your organization communicate to your fan base with relevant, customized, and targeted promotions, resulting in higher response rates and ticket sales.


Integrate all your sales and marketing data - easily!