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FanOneMarketing's industry-specific implementation of enables sports and entertainment organizations the ability to maintain and update information on past ticket purchasers, prioritize and score customers, and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.FanOne Marketing activates advanced customizations within and offers strategic direction that empowers organizations to deploy more seamlessly integrated and immersive sales and ticket renewal programs, with minimal
resources and maintenance.


Spend less time cold calling and more time working hot sales prospects with
a solution that provides faster lead generation and simplified goal setting. 



FanOne Marketing's deployment integrates your ticketing system data and customer history enabling you to calculate each person's life-time value and pinpoint prospects with best intent to purchase.

 FanOne Marketing will help you develop a 360 degree view of each and every person in your database:

→ Create a database of past, present, and potential customers 
→ Share information, integrate teams, and align processes
→ Make informed decisions with real-time data from ALL of your business teams→ Understand the value of each customer
→ Assess buying patterns and new sales opportunities 
→ Prioritize and protect the most profitable accounts
→ Focus of profits by replacing repetitive manual processes and     eliminating duplication
→ Enable automated alerts so your staff can manage their time more
    effectively & efficiently
→ Pinpoint sales and service process challenges and areas that
    need improvement 



Work Smarter & More Efficiently

√ Maximize revenue 
√ Automate tasks √ Prioritize prospects 
√ Funnel targeted leads 
√ Standardize reporting at the sales representative and
   management levels 
√ Simplify reporting and close the ROI loop
√ Sell more tickets and increase retention 
√ Shorten your sales cycle 
√ Up-Sell & Cross-Sell to increase per capita spent 
√ Stop loss and maximize retention of Suite, Premium,
   & Season Ticket Holders 



Integrate the data you need, quickly and easily identify your best prospects, and enable the FanOne Marketing solution to turn your sales and service campaigns into true 1:1 customer relationships.