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Marketing Automation


How many sales are you missing without FanOne Marketing? 


FanOne Marketing provides sports and entertainment organizations with a world class marketing automation system and powerful digital marketing & campaign management technology, coupled with industry-specific services designed to maximize ticket sales and retention. quotes_tim.png

The FanOne Marketing suite of tools centralizes data so that information can be easily accessed and segmented to deploy highly personalized communications that increase fan engagement and increase revenue.


Stop Losing Ticket Sales
 Promote online sales of Singles, Seasons, Renewals,
   and Ticket Packages 

Sell out events with last minute incentives

Do More with Less 
 Reduce repetitive business tasks
√ Manage customer segmentation
 Develop email campaigns
   and lead nurturing
 Deploy automated activities to increase sales
√ Increase your sales conversion rate

FanOne Marketing can help integrate and bridge the information gap found between marketing automation systems and Sales Automation platforms, including and MSCRM.

Drive Business Results
→ 107% Better lead conversion rate 
→ 40% Greater average deal size → 20% Higher team attainment of quota → 17% Better forecast accuracy 
      Source: Aberdeen Group, "Marketing Automation 101: Ensuring Early Success with the Basics" (June 2010)

Identify Leads With Web Tracking Scripts 
Marketers who take advantage of automation - which includes everything from cart abandonment programs to retargeting campaigns - have seen conversion
rates as high as 50%  
Source: eMarketer, "Email Marketing Benchmarks: Key Data, Trends, and Metrics" (2013)


Activate Cart Abandonment Campaigns
People who purchase after getting cart abandonment emails spend 55% more than those who buy straight away
Source: See Why Research (2011).

Retarget With Behavior Based Campaigns 
Despite relatively low volumes, trigger email campaigns account for 21% of email revenue. Over 75% of email revenue is now generated by alternatives to generic
one-size-fits-all campaigns.  
Source: DMA, "National Client Email Report" (2013) 

Customized Marketing Automation
√ Social Media integration
√ Integrates with your ticketing system
√ Supports email marketing best practices
√ Real-time analysis of campaign performance

TEMPLErenweal.png FanOne Marketing's digital solution empowers 

Multi-Channel Marketing Automation - Create automated tactical marketing responses which include digital and print outreach to online behavior.

Advanced Segmentation & List Handling - Comprehensive list importing, segmentation,
and management.

Behavior-Based Campaigns - Trigger automated communications based on a fan's previous interest, events attended, or relevant campaign activity.

PURLS - Personalized URLs (PURLs) and hypersites can help you provide exactly the right content to each fan - increasing conversation and improving response.

Forms & Contests - Allows fans to link, connect, and subscribe directly to your organization from
print or online media. Form and contest links can be placed almost anywhere and will greatly increase your customer database.