Pocono Raceway



Goal: Drive existing customers to link their email addresses with their account information online; for customers with a mailing address on file, but no email, the primary goal was to drive email capture

Solution: Using FanOne Marketing's multi-channel marketing technology, a campaign was developed using Print-On-Demand, Personalized URLs (PURLs), and Email to achieve a very high response rate from fans


Print-On-Demand is a highly personalized form of print mail that has proven to generate better response rates than traditional, unpersonalized mail. FanOne Marketing worked with Pocono to create a high-impact postcard that includes the customer's first name, a motivating offer, and the address of a Personalized URL using the recipient's first and last name.

Each customer had their own web landing page customized with their unique URL, name, account number, pin, and an open field for email capture. The pre-populated information made it very easy for the customer to click-through to the Pocono Raceway website and provide the information needed to link their accounts.

Fans that visited their PURL and submitted their email address, but did not complete the process by linking their account, received a reminder email.

Print Mail Campaign Highlights:

  • 10% of the customers visited the PURL and entered their email address
  • 75% of the customers that submitted a new email address completed the process of linking that email to their existing account information

Snapshot of the Email sent to Pocono Fans that began, but didn't complete online account activation (below):

Pocono Raceway Drives Attendance