Los Angeles Kings





Goal: Increase LA Kings Holiday Pack ticket sales

Solution: FanOne Marketing developed a behavior-based campaign of three emails for a targeted group of select ticket buyers

  • The first Holiday Pack email (email 1) was sent to select LA Kings' fans
  • Marketing automation enabled the campaign to wait 10 days to view and analyze the results
  • Recepients that purchased after email 1 did not receive any further campaign communications
  • Individuals that opened the first email (email 1) but did not purchase, were sent a secondary and more targeted email, 2A
  • Individuals that did not open the first email (email 1), were also sent a secondary, more targeted, and slighly altered email, 2B
  • Pre-programmed automation further enabled campaign review and analysis after waiting another 15 days
  • Recepients that purchased after email 2A or 2B did not recieve any further campaign communications
  • Individuals that did not open email 2B were not sent any further communications
  • Email 3 was sent to any individual that opened email 2A, but did not purchase the Holiday Pack


The email campaign included:

  • Direct link to fan's account login
  • Upgrade options and incentives
  • Add to Outlook reminder

The promotion offered fans:

  • Two tickets to each game
  • $50 ESPN Zone at L.A. Live game card
  • Free LA Kings player blanket with upgrade
  • Additional 2 free tickets with early response


  • The 2nd email added 148 purchases for almost $43K in Holiday Pack Revenue
  • The 3rd email to clickers of either of the first two emails resulted in the best revenue per send and an additional $7K
  • Total campaign revenue exceeded $70K
  • Unsubscribe rates were not significantly affected by 3rd email

Before partnering with FanOne Marketing, the LA Kings were unable to implement behavior-based campaigns.