Brooklyn Nets





Goal: Increase Brooklyn Nets Basketball ticket sales for select games with remaining inventory.

Solution: FanOne Marketing assisted the Brooklyn Nets in activating an email campaign that tested the effectiveness of including the customers’ name in the subject line, and also enabled retargeting technology to follow-up with non-purchasers that demonstrated interest by clicking in emails to find more details on ticket or game information.


- By sending a 2A and 2B email via this retargeting tactic, campaign ticket sales for the Brooklyn Nets increased 556% and revenue was raised 276%.

- By sending 2nd and 3rd emails, campaign ticket sales increased 635% and revenue was raised 314% (beyond initial Email 1 communication).

- Greater than 75% of the campaign revenue can be attributed to the 2nd and 3rd email waves.


Initial email 1A versus 1B included a subject line test to assess the effectiveness of first name inclusion.

Email 1A: (Name) see your Brooklyn Nets in April! 

Email 1B: See your Brooklyn Nets in April!

- For this campaign, use of first name in the subject line did not have a significant effect on engagement (data below).

- Due to engagement testing and barometer based on higher clicks, first name personalization was not continued on emails 2A, 2B, and 3

- Both email 1A and 1B achieved relatively high open and click rates for a promotional email, exceeding 23% and 4% respectively – obtaining approximately 8% greater clicks and 55% more opens than the average Brooklyn Nets campaign (based on average open rates of 21.37% and average click rates of 2.5%).

- Email 2A retargeted individuals that opened email 1A or 1B, while email 2B retargeted individuals that didn’t open email 1A or 1B (purchasers excluded).

- Email 3 retargeted any individuals that opened email 2A or 2B, but didn’t purchase tickets.